Caterina Nasini was born in Florence (Italy). She moved to London in 2013, where she was confronted with new experiences and cultural influences that changed her deeply.

She is fascinated by passersby stories and fantasises about being invited into their world. 

Her work is heavily influenced by music and films, cinematic in look and infused with a sense of melancholy and stillness. She is an observer of moments and details and silently examines the interaction between people and spaces, her photos catching instants ‘in between’, where a narrative is just beginning or perhaps continuing...

She is currently part of the London Institute of Photography team teaching photography and post production.

Portrait: Marie Campain

✑ Contact: info@caterinanasini.com

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➺ 2022

Despatch - Exhibition with Work Show Grow
April, New Forest Heritage Centre

Ombra Magazine - Interview ITA/ENG

➺ 2021

Work Show Grow Residency
September, New Forest, UK


As of 2021, I am collaborating with 'Myr, Support for Psychedelic Experiences', brainchild of Eta an Italian artist and psychedelic companion based in the Netherlands.
I have known Eta for many years and have respected and admired her for just as long. Our collaboration is one of opposites that merge at the seems and we look forward to share this dynamic with her clients in support, and as a record, of their experiences .

This is still a controversial topic as it is regarded by some just as 'dangerous illegal drugs' and by others, (re)discovering their historic use in shamanism and the scientific psychedelics' research of the 60s, a goldmine of untapped potential for healing a suffering World (new Psilocybin Trials are currently undergoing in the city where I am based, London).

If you are interested in the subject I would personally recommend reading  'How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence' (published in 2018 by author Michael Pollan) as a good introduction into this world.

✺ Useful links on Psychedelic Research: MAPS ; Beckley Foundation

Vice Italy talks about Eta (Italian only)

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